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The great Indian story is a rather simple one, it’s a story of discovery, conquest and one of taking things in our own hands. Today, India is one of the youngest countries in the world, making the country one of the few which have a unique demographic edge. Where the USA and Europe have their average ages as 46 and 47, India’s average age today is around 29 Years old. Interesting? 

The Indian children and youth today, have access to everything. From information to products to modes of acquiring and honing their skills and finding where their passion lies at a very early age. To sum it up, our story today is about making bigger things possible and far-fetched dreams more VIABLE. 

Viable India aims at becoming everything the youth of the country stands for. Confident, Responsible, Accountable and Passionate for everything that we do. With our wide range of user centric products like  customised notebooks, student accessories,  With our wide range of user centric products like  customised notebooks, student accessories, stationary and much more and much more we see ourselves as the friend next door who is along with you throughout this journey as you scribble your way to success. Not only do we look forward to empowering the kids, but also the young adults of this nation. Ones who are shaping how the world will look in the future, the entrepreneurs, the go getters and the ones working with the big dogs! Our corporate gifting vertical takes care of everything a business would need as supplies.

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Although we take the work very seriously, we make sure we don’t forget to reward ourselves every now and then like one deserves! We are young, vibrant, full of energy and here to make a difference. 

We are Viable India! 

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Jyotsana Sharma

Founder - CEO

Hitesh Sharma

Managing Director

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